Follow the live drone flight to Mars in a sensational simulator from NASA

The agency has prepared a very interesting tool, thanks to which you can keep track of the current location of the Mars 2020 mission on board with a rover and a drone. The devices will arrive on Mars in February 2021.

The NASA Eyes browser software allows you to track in real mode the location of many space missions currently carried out by NASA and ESA. Among them was the Mars 2020 capsule. For now, it is close to Earth, because it left our planet only a few days ago on the Atlas V rocket. However, in a few two or three months the capsule should be halfway to the Red Planet.

The Solar System Simulator itself is a great tool for tracking other key missions as well hyperlinks. There we can see the current position of the TESS telescope, which is looking for a second Earth and the biological life forms existing on it for humanity. We cannot forget about the Solar Orbiter mission, thanks to which we will see the surface of our day star from a record close distance.

We also have at our disposal the asteroid Psyche, which is one of the largest asteroids located in the belt between Mars and Jupiter. It is believed to be the frozen metal core of a Mars-sized planet that has been destroyed. The Americans will send a space mission to the “golden” asteroid, which is worth 37 trillion zlotys. This asteroid is 210 kilometers in diameter and consists mainly of iron, nickel, gold and platinum.

The on-board computer of the Mars 2020 mission lander entered Safe Mode after it was launched into space, but the latest data from the Deep Space Network’s radar system indicate that the computer has now returned to normal mode and the mission continues. The landing on the surface of the Red Planet is planned for February 2021. The rover and the drone will explore the former water reservoir Jezero.

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The Blue Origin rocket has reached outer space once again [FILM]

We are a gadu gadu about the successes of SpaceX, and meanwhile, the Blue Origin company, belonging to the richest man in the world and the head of Amazon, has just carried out a successful flight of a rocket intended for space tourism.

The Blue Origin company is to offer the first ever regular tourist flights for daredevils hungry for unearthly experiences, with a wealthy wallet. Crew Capsule 2.0 manned flights are scheduled to take place next year. It will be a historic event not only for the entire space industry, but also for humanity. Eventually, space tourism will become a reality hiddenlinks.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the 13th successful flight of the Blue Origin rocket and capsule to the edge of space took place. After 4 minutes from take-off, the manned capsule flew 104 kilometers above the surface of our planet. After 7 minutes the rocket landed on the ground, and after 10 minutes the capsule landed on it. The mission was perfect.

During its course, there were several dozen different research experiments on board the vehicle. It must be emphasized here that they are all our keys to space exploration. Thanks to them, we will be able to prepare the appropriate technologies for the return to the Moon and the first flight to Mars, and above all, preparation and safe existence on these inhospitable facilities.

Originally scheduled commercial manned flights were due to begin earlier this year, but all plans were thwarted by a pandemic. Jeff Bezos and his people, however, continue their efforts to bring this moment as soon as possible.

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Scientists have just calculated the maximum speed of sound. This is a big surprise

The speed of sound is not as high as the speed of light, so in everyday life we ​​are able to observe this delay when, for example, there is a storm raging close to us and lightning does not occur together with thunderbolts.

Usually, the speed of sound is around 340 meters per second, which means that the sound wave needs just over 3 seconds to cover a kilometer. Meanwhile, a photon traveling at the speed of light travels nearly 900,000 kilometers within 3 seconds. When we see a lightning bolt, and only after a few seconds we hear a sound boom, then we can calculate how far the storm is.

However, the speed of sound varies with the conditions. The more the sound wave traverses the denser medium, the faster its speed. Until now, we thought that it was spread the fastest in diamond, because of its structure. Unfortunately, the latest research shows that a sound wave can accelerate even faster in a completely different material.

Experts from the University of Cambridge and Queen Maria University in London conducted very interesting experiments with atoms of popular elements. First of all, they focused on the constant fine structure and the ratio of the mass of the proton to the mass of the electron. It turned out that sound waves were able to penetrate elemental hydrogen in a solid state the fastest.

Of course, these are conditions artificially created in a laboratory. In the real world, such conditions only exist in the interiors of gas giants such as Jupiter. How fast does a sound wave travel there? Scientists have checked that it is 36,000 meters per second. It is almost 100 times faster than in ordinary conditions, 3 times faster than in diamond and at the same time 3 times faster than we thought so far.

Perhaps by studying the Universe, we will discover environments in the future where the speed of sound is even slightly faster. For now, scientists believe that with their latest discovery they have come close to the theoretical maximum of the speed of sound under Earth conditions. Admittedly, it looks impressive, but it is still far from the speed of light techboy.

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It turns out that electric cars are cheaper to maintain than classic cars

Electrician manufacturers have been trying to convince us for a long time that it is worth trying to make such a purchase, because in the long run it is a big saving, but most drivers treat it as pure marketing.

However, it seems that evidence has finally emerged that they are telling the truth – Consumer Reports has published a study which shows that owning the most popular electric cars is really cheaper than even the best internal combustion models in the same class.

Among electric cars priced under $ 50,000, the most common is $ 6,000-10,000 in savings over a conventional car, and the best example is the Tesla Model 3, an entry-level luxury electrician that allows for total savings of $ 15,000 Secret sites. compared not only to the best-selling car in its class, the BMW 330i, but also to the best-rated Audi A4.

We are talking about total costs, which include factors such as purchase price, fuel price and maintenance expenses – electric cars are easy to lead here, especially in more affordable segments and if we decide to buy a second-hand model, let’s say for a 5-7-year-old.

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A 500-megapixel camera for surveillance of pedestrians was developed in China

The Chinese Big Brother is growing in strength every day. Recently, a camera that can recognize objects from a distance of 45 kilometers was presented, and now the new device will perfectly identify every face in a large crowd.

60 million Big Brother cameras in China rely on artificial intelligence technology to recognize the faces of passersby. This is important because the system detects criminals and records any illegal activities. The bottleneck of the entire technology, however, are cameras that record images in low resolution. If there is little detail in the images, then the artificial intelligence has a problem with quick and correct face identification.

This is especially problematic when the services want to identify individuals during large demonstrations, e.g. organized in the evening or at night. Here, engineers from Fudan University and Changchun Institute of Optics came to the rescue. They designed from scratch and built a 500-megapixel camera that can identify a human face even in a crowd of tens of thousands of people cybernet.

This invention was presented for the first time at the China International Industry Fair a few days ago. The entire system consists of the entire fleet of such cameras. The more there are, the more effective the detection of specific people is. Engineers have revealed that the device is more than 5 times more effective at detecting facial details than human eyesight.

The government is already planning to implement the new technology to the existing city monitoring system. Thanks to it, detecting wanted people or tracking selected citizens will become easy as piece of cake. The authorities plan in the coming years to expand the network of Big Brother cameras in China to well over 100 million. This is a huge number that people are not physically able to grasp. That is why the authorities focus on artificial intelligence.

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I really look like a spaceship fly over Jupiter [VIDEO]

NASA once again shows us the largest planet of the solar system in all its glory. This time we can see the flight over a large part of the world from the perspective of gas spacecraft.

It is worth to emphasize that the animation is based on the true atmosphere of the planet taken by the probe Juno, which for several years in orbit around Jupiter. So we have the opportunity to see this fascinating globe almost as if we really admired him.

Animation prepared by Kevin Gill, a specialist in the analysis of multimedia data at NASA. From time to time he publishes on his YouTube channel breathtaking images of foreign planets, which are currently being explored by the US Space and shows us these worlds in such a way that we feel that there are.

Animation was established on the basis of 41 images taken by an instrument called JunoCam, which is located on board the Juno probe. The data collected during the 27th close flyby device over the atmosphere of the planet. Images were taken from a distance of only 3,400 km from its upper layers.

Among them we can see the Great Red Spot. It is a giant oval red clouds, located in the southern hemisphere of Jupiter, the diameter of which reaches 16,000 km and raging for at least 350 years. Juno data indicate that the most famous storm in the solar system has a diameter 1.3 times greater than the diameter of the Earth, and its base is less than 300 km visible peak of the planet’s atmosphere.

This phenomenon reaches 50-100 times as deep, than the deepest oceans on Earth, and at its base is warmer than at the top Its Science club. The winds that blow in it are associated with differences occurring temperatures and the heat spots characterizing the basis translators just strong winds recorded at the top.

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NASA presented its new plans moon landing in 2024

American Space Agency has just published the updated plans to Artemis program, which involves sending another man to the moon and the first woman, and start up a permanent presence.

It’s been almost 50 years since the astronauts set foot on the moon, because the mission of Apollo 17 was a success in 1972. But now NASA was obliged by the US administration to conduct an aggressive, open the program, which not only repeat this feat, but also establish a permanent station on the site, which will be a kind of base for the first Mars mission Cybernews. NASA announced that Artemis Lunar Exploration Program has made in the last 18 months significant progress, despite the significant cost overruns for the final ground test rocket Space Launch System (SLS), which will be completed in 2 months – then all will be transported to Kennedy Space Center Florida, where final assembly will go and integration with the Orion spacecraft.

As soon as the SLS is ready to fly, the first mission of the ship Orion, which Artmeis And in 2021 years will set off on the first autonomous flight in space between the Earth and the Moon, to test life support systems, and all other communications. Then in 2023 will for the first manned flight, Artemis II, during which astronauts separate from the temporary station cryogenic and will practice manual approach and move away from it as practice for future maneuvers (eg. A dock) that await them in the framework of the Artemis III and subsequent missions. In the meantime, NASA twice a year (starting next year) will use commercial delivery services to send to the moon necessary instruments and technology demonstration.

The main event is scheduled for the 2,024 years, the ship Orion also embark on a mission Artemis III, the aim of which will already take astronauts to the moon – either directly by the lunar lander, or indirectly by means of the station, which will be built in 2023. This is the future play an important role safe harbor for further space exploration, as well as the management center work on the lunar surface, he assumes, among others Artemis construction of Base Camp, where they will be stationed jeeps new systems and the moon “inhabitants”. As we already know, first to the moon, astronauts will fly 2, a man and a woman who will spend seven days there – at that time they will collect samples and carry out all kinds of experiments that were impossible to do on Earth.

How did the new plans NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine: – The joint party support from Congress, our mission return to the moon in the XXI century it is within American hands. We have strengthened our exploration plans in the last months, and continuing our work on the budget and architecture. We return to the Moon scientific discoveries, economic benefits and inspiration for future generations of explorers. When we build our permanent presence on the moon, we are moving forward also plans to send the first man to the Red Planet.

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Meat from the tube can be full of plant nutrients

Researchers at Tufts University beef genetically modified cells to produce the laboratory beef containing beta-carotene, which is an organic compound converted in the human body to vitamin A.

Beta-carotene is a safe carotene variety, because our body converts only the amount that he needs. It helps to protect against germs, has an antioxidant effect and favorably affects the functioning of eyesight and the immune system. In short, we need, so the researchers to enrich the meat produced in the laboratory will bring the same benefits, especially the tens of millions of people around the world suffer from vitamin A. It is exceptionally severe in children and contributes to the fact that nearly half a year million of them lose sight of this.

In the 90s of last century, scientists genetically modified one of the varieties of rice, adding a little gene beta-carotene. This has been called “golden rice” and is a frequent subject of debate over the safety of genetically modified food. To this day, only a few countries around the world has allowed the consumption of golden rice, but that did not discourage scientists for further experiments, the effect of which are further modifications of fruits and vegetables, and recently we could admire the golden golden potatoes and bananas.

Researchers at Tufts went a step further and decided to see if a similar way can be treated meat in the laboratory. It should be noted that many startups are getting closer to the introduction of this type of meat on store shelves and although initially will focus more on advertising, scaling production and other problems related to the restoration of popular products, such as beef steak and fried chicken, it’s finally time will come to think about additional advantages, just as enriching the needed nutrients. In this case, the latest research will be useful, because it shows that such treatments are possible, and what is more, opens the way for yet other useful modifications.

It is not difficult to imagine the medical food which is adequately enriched with drugs or aids in the absorption of drugs. Ba, researchers can pose hypothesis that it is possible in this way to reduce the carcinogenic meat: – reduction of the observed levels of lipid peroxidation when cooked meat prepared Web News. And that’s what she is one of the key mechanisms linking red and processed meat with diseases like colon cancer, I think it’s a pretty convincing argument – explains one of the researchers.

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Poles help in the construction of bases on the Moon and Mars missions and the alien planet

Polish Space Agency is growing in strength. Its representatives are in talks with NASA regarding the participation of Polish scientists, universities and companies in the realization of the historic mission to the moon, Mars and other Solar System objects.

Poles have ambition to participate in even more groundbreaking missions, which will be implemented by the US Space Agency and the European Space Agency in the coming decade. We are talking here eg. The construction of Spaceport Moon, which will be the transfer point to travel to the Moon and Mars. Nor can we fail in the mission to the surface of the two objects and the construction of the first human colony there.

Pols also wants to ensure the development of a number of projects with the participation of Polish universities and companies. So far, both NASA and ESA, highly valued the ability for architectural and engineering Poles, therefore cooperation should bring a lot of good for both sides.

Let us not forget that it is the students from our country successful in the international arena in the projects of Mars and lunar bases and advanced robotic exploration. Polish companies participated in recent years in such important missions. Mars and already implement another example TECHGIRL. Jupiter, the Moon or asteroids. In the latter case, the Polish company to get several projects related to the implementation of the cosmic era start mining.

It is worth emphasizing that the detectors of Vigo System SA They were on board the Mars rover Curiosity. The company Astronika sp. O.o. Crete built HP3, which in the mission of the probe InSight explores the interior of Mars. But that’s not all, Astroniki engineers also built several devices for tests on the icy moons of Jupiter in the mission JUICE.

Meanwhile Space PIAP sp. O.o. prepares elements of robots that will take part in the mission to provide samples of Martian rocks to Earth. Poles build a first private satellite that way Mars excavator and capable of extracting and processing the lunar ice water, oxygen and hydrogen.

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Starman in his red Roadster from Tesla approached Mars

Does anyone remember the virgin flight of the powerful Falcon Heavy rocket from SpaceX? When he was sent into space vehicle from Tesla, who flew in the direction of the Red Planet.

SpaceX announced that the mannequin named Starman in his trip to space was approached to Mars so far a record 7,000,000 km distance. Although it is 20 times greater than the distance separating the Earth and the Moon, it is the very fact worth noting, because we are talking about a unique experiment, which in the future may end very interesting.

Starman Roadster in its daily orbits our star in 557 days. Unfortunately, Tesla quickly from dummy does not come close to Earth web engineering. Experts calculate that the next meeting, during which the vehicle will be able to see with the naked eye, can take place only in 2091 years. Elon Musk is infamous plan to intercept the vehicle, which in the future may hit the auction and be sold for billions thick. The only question is, what will be the condition and where it will be delivered to Earth, or can no longer base on Mars ?!

Starman with his red athlete will not fall naturally on Earth or Mars faster than a few million years. Experts are not yet able to calculate the exact date, but it is certain that it will eventually happen. Currently, first generation Roadster has already defeated in space over two billion kilometers, so it is now a vehicle, which has the largest in the history of the course.

Elon Musk says that he is in a sense hibernation chamber for terrestrial bacteria or tardigrades, which went with him on a journey through space. They do not look like they are the backup of earthly life. If the planet has been used for the mass extermination of species is such an unusual microorganisms will allow the bank or foreign civilizations survivors try to recreate life on Earth, or at least get to know its history.

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