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NASA showed what the landing of a rover and drone on Mars will look like in February

The American Space Agency has published new footage on its YouTube channel. In the animation we can see the most important part of the Mars 2020 mission, namely the moment the device lands on Mars. On board the lander, which has been heading towards this planet since July this year, there was a large rover and the first drone in history.

Deepfake with Queen Elizabeth II. The faded border between fiction and reality

The material was prepared by specialists from Channel 4, who indicated that their very controversial work is to become a warning for people to stop trusting their eyes, because the border between the real world and fiction has already been blurred. It happened thanks to the deepfake technology, thanks to which you can freely replace people's faces using artificial intelligence algorithms.

NASA is seriously considering detonating a nuclear bomb on the lunar surface

NASA announced that it has prepared a very interesting plan in which nuclear bombs will be detonated on the surface of the natural satellite of our planet. In this way, scientists want to make it easier for robots to implement large projects related to space mining and extraction of valuable raw materials. The plan will not be easy to implement, but the government may have no other option.

Elon Musk: The SuperHeavy rocket will land in a very unusual way

We have already seen the unusual landing method of the Starship prototype, and soon we will witness something completely new that the world of the space industry has not yet seen. The SuperHeavy rocket will not slow down with engines until the very end. Just above the ground, or rather the launch pad, it will be caught in flight by one or even two towers, which will also serve to stabilize the rocket during its launch.

Great success of Virgin Orbit. The rocket took off from the plane and reached orbit

This is a breakthrough moment not only for the American, but also the global space industry. Thanks to Virgin Orbit, it will now be possible to cheaply and safely carry space installations into Earth's orbit with airplanes that can take off even every hour. Such technology will allow us to build cosmic Internet constellations much faster or conduct experiments that will allow us to better prepare for the colonization of the Moon and Mars.

Ford shares accident data collected by drivers with other manufacturers

If only drivers shared information about accidents and other obstacles on the road, many road incidents could be avoided - this was the assumption made by Ford and as part of the Data for Road Safety initiative, it began to share data such as airbag activation with other manufacturers, emergency braking or the use of fog lights. In theory, these signals are a good indicator of some road problem, and as soon as they are sent to the cloud, they can be delivered to other drivers who are making their way around the area. According to Ford, these alerts can also be sent to security services, increasing their vigilance and preparedness, thereby improving response time to reports.

Facebook wants you to allow tracking on your iPhone. In return, you'll get ... better ads

Facebook has just announced its plans to "help" iPhone and iPad users who would like to be tracked in exchange for better personalized ads - yes, this is no joke! The whole process is to start on Monday, and it is then that users of Apple mobile devices will be able to see special messages informing about this possibility and its benefits, all in response to the new privacy policy of the Cupertino giant, which cut Mark off along with iOS 14 Zuckerberg on part of the income. It cannot be denied that companies do not like each other and have been pushing around on various issues for years, and the latest word war is about privacy.

The head of the Amazon resigns, he will focus on the conquest of space. Bezos and Musk will fight for the Moon and Mars

Elon Musk, head of Spacex, recently moved from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas. In this state is the company's test facility, where the Starship ship and the SuperHeavy rocket are built, the most powerful space transport system in human history. Musk now wants to focus as much as possible on space technologies to organize the first in the 21st century astronaut flight to the Moon and the first ever to Mars.

Unique YouTube time capsule. A fragment of humanity's life in one day, 2020

The first Life in a Day documentary was written on July 24, 2010. It contained 80,000 clips and based on them it was possible to make a film with a total length of 95 minutes. The production was very popular all over the world. Interestingly, she even received the audience award at the Krakow Film Festival.