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NASA showed what the landing of a rover and drone on Mars will look like in February

The American Space Agency has published new footage on its YouTube channel. In the animation we can see the most important part of the Mars 2020 mission, namely the moment the device lands on Mars. On board the lander, which has been heading towards this planet since July this year, there was a large rover and the first drone in history.

Amazon buys aircraft for the first time to expand its fleet during a pandemic

Now the company of Jeff Bezos, one of the richest people in the world (Elon Musk has just knocked him out of the first place), has decided for the first time to buy an airplane to power Amazon Air. It is worth noting that Amazon is growing year by year, the evidence of which can be found in its fleet, which still in 2016 consisted of 11 aircraft, and by the end of 2022 of the second year it is to grow to over 85 aircraft carrying goods in the United States. This is exactly what Amazon reported to Bloomberg, but this was not what attracted the most attention during this announcement - it turns out that the company decided to buy planes for the first time.

See what it looks like inside and drives the electric Izera Hatchback version

After the first presentation of the Izera Hatchback and SUV vehicles, there were immediately voices of skeptics that the project would fail sooner than it was created. However, the reality turned out to be completely different. Already 4 months after the premiere, the first prototype appeared on one of the public roads where it was tested. Now you can see it inside and while driving. We encourage you to watch the material from beginning to end.

Great success of Virgin Orbit. The rocket took off from the plane and reached orbit

This is a breakthrough moment not only for the American, but also the global space industry. Thanks to Virgin Orbit, it will now be possible to cheaply and safely carry space installations into Earth's orbit with airplanes that can take off even every hour. Such technology will allow us to build cosmic Internet constellations much faster or conduct experiments that will allow us to better prepare for the colonization of the Moon and Mars.

Tesla announces an electric hatchback for less than PLN 100,000

The billionaire once said he would build a fully electric vehicle that would be within reach of every American. Now we are learning that it may see the light of day in the next 2 years. It is supposed to be a hatchback vehicle with decent parameters. Unfortunately, the billionaire did not reveal any details about it, except that work on it is ongoing in China, and the range on a single charge may be around 300 kilometers. This is not to exceed $ 25,000, or about PLN 95,000.