Tesla announces an electric hatchback for less than PLN 100,000 The company is growing rapidly. Only in the next 3 years it will launch as many as 5 new electric vehicles on the market. Elon Musk assures that the first electrician for the masses is to be among them.

The billionaire once said he would build a fully electric vehicle that would be within reach of every American. Now we are learning that it may see the light of day in the next 2 years. It is supposed to be a hatchback vehicle with decent parameters. Unfortunately, the billionaire did not reveal any details about it, except that work on it is ongoing in China, and the range on a single charge may be around 300 kilometers. This is not to exceed $ 25,000, or about PLN 95,000.

The vehicle is to be manufactured in a recently opened gigafactory near Berlin, which means that it will not be subject to excise duties and taxes, as is the case with Tesla vehicles currently sold, and the governments will subsidize it. At least that is the plan of Tesla and the richest man on the planet.

It is a city vehicle intended for the American, European and Asian markets, especially China. Its price is to be very affordable due to new battery technologies, which are to increase their capacity within 2 years, without increasing weight and price. Batteries are currently the biggest CyberBit Online in the production of cheaper electric vehicles, and in particular the limited production and extraction of raw materials for its implementation.

Currently, the most powerful version of the Model S uses cells with a capacity of 100 KWh, weighing around 700 kilograms. In 3 years they are to weigh only 250 kilograms with the same capacity. The cost of producing 1 KWh cells is expected to fall below the psychological limit of $ 100. Elon Musk counts on it a lot. We also keep our fingers crossed for it.

Tesla is working intensively on the production of new 4680 battery cells. The billionaire is not happy with the slow development of batteries for electric vehicles. He believes that we are at least 5 years backward in this matter. That is why the prices of electric vehicles are so high and they cannot become as popular as most people would like.

As for the new Tesla hatchback, which is to appear on the road in 2-3 years, Musk emphasized that it will be the most advanced autonomous vehicle in the world, which will allow its users to travel around cities and entire countries in an extremely safe and comfortable way. The billionaire is sure that his electric and fully autonomous vehicles will conquer cities and make traveling around them easier.