Sci-Fi sensation new at Netflix: There has never been a German series like this

The coming Friday is not a normal Friday. The coming Friday is the day on which Netflix uploads what is probably the most creative German series in recent years. The German series landscape is developing rapidly and Tribes of Europa is one of the most impressive stopovers on the way to series high culture.

Perhaps you still remember: Tribes of Europa was one of 5 German series that Netflix announced in 2018 one year after the Dark success. Now we can admire her as the last of the quintet.

The Tribes of Europa binge facts on Netflix

Tribes of Europa: The long trailer for preparation

Science fiction event: that's what Tribes of Europa is about

The plot in a nutshell:

After Dark

Elaborate, bloody and full of great ideas, Tribes of Europa is something like the next logical step to improve German genre series.

The watch series online five-pack of German Netflix series also included barbarians at the time, the German Vikings, which became an international success last year. Tribes is now the sci-fi version of Barbarians. The trailers already show: This is just as crazy as it sounds.

And such a German series would probably not have been possible without the preparatory work by Dark. Tribes combines their daring with the brutality of barbarians. Together with the enormous production effort, this results in a wild mix that the German series market has not yet produced. Tribes sometimes looks like a FSK 16 version of The Hunger Games.

Stars from Dark and Game of Thrones: The cast of Tribes of Europa

The biggest star in Tribes is Oliver Masucci, who already shone in Dark and will soon take on a role in Fantastic Beasts 3. In Tribes he plays Moses, a scrap collector. He is in every episode and an important part of the plot.

Henriette Confurius is Liv, a combative young woman who fights her way through enemy lines with a crossbow. You know them from Narcissus and Goldmund

Emilio Sakraya plays her brother Kiano, who falls into captivity of the most brutal tribe. You know him from the Netflix series Warrior Well, where he already attracted attention with his physicality.

The least known of the young leading actors is David Ali Rashed, who Elja embodies, the brother of Kiano and Liv.

For Game of Thrones fans there is James Faulkner, who represents the leader of a military tribe. He played in GoT Randyll Tarly.

And sooner or later you will also google Melika Foroutan. She embodies the warlord Varvara with great enthusiasm for play.

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