Over 188,000 people in Poland have been vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus The Ministry of Health has just published current data on vaccination against the coronavirus in our country, informing about the vaccines delivered and the number of people who decided to take the vaccine.

The latest report of the Ministry of Health shows that so far 697,320 doses of the vaccine have been delivered to Poland, of which 204,375 doses have been delivered to vaccination centers, and the number of vaccinated people is 188,956 people. It is worth noting here that the big difference between the vaccines delivered to our country and those sent to vaccination centers is due to the fact that the ministry decided to store half of all doses delivered in a special warehouse to make sure that all people who took the first dose receive also the second. 238 doses were disposed of (mainly due to mechanical damage to the vial at the vaccination point) and side effects were reported in 18 subjects.

As the Ministry of Health praised yesterday, such a number of vaccinated people puts us on the European podium, ahead of us only in Germany and Italy, where over 367 and 307 thousand vaccinations were performed, respectively - most of the people vaccinated in our country are of course medical personnel and employees hospitals. However, it is better not to be overly optimistic here, because although the pace is increasing, everything can change overnight, when, for example, there are no vaccinations, and as the ministry admits, current supplies are literally a drop in the ocean of needs.

Because although we have contracted 60 million doses of the vaccine, which will allow 30 million people to be vaccinated (we would like to remind you that only people over 18 are subject to vaccination), the deliveries are very long: - These 60 million doses of the vaccine are the demand for 30 million people Poles. In the group that can be vaccinated, i.e. people over 18, we have about 31 million people. That is, we have contracted vaccines for virtually every person who can receive this vaccine - said Michał Dworczyk, head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, during a press conference, adding later: - According to the manufacturers' declarations and the agreement by the end of the first quarter, i.e. in the year we will receive about 5 million 900 thousand doses, which will allow us to vaccinate 2.95 million patients.

This number includes the so-called group 0, i.e. employees of the health care sector, employees of social welfare centers and employees of municipal social welfare centers, as well as auxiliary and administrative staff in medical facilities, including sanitary and epidemiological stations, and group 1, i.e. residents of social welfare homes and care and treatment facilities, nursing and care and other places of stationary residence, people over 60 years of age in tech boy world of the oldest, uniformed services and teachers So, as you can guess, universal vaccination will not start sooner than in a few months - when? We do not know that yet, but a calculator prepared by Aleksandra Zając and a PhD student at the Medical University of Warsaw, Dominika Miszewska, based on the sequence published in the National Immunization Program - HERE, may help in determining the approximate date.