Facebook wants you to allow tracking on your iPhone. In return, you'll get ... better ads The company's ideas are becoming more and more interesting, especially when it comes to its "fight" with the giant from Cupertino, and the latest is to persuade iOS users to allow activity tracking in exchange for advertising.

Facebook has just announced its plans to "help" iPhone and iPad users who would like to be tracked in exchange for better personalized ads - yes, this is no joke! The whole process is to start on Monday, and it is then that users of Apple mobile devices will be able to see special messages informing about this possibility and its benefits, all in response to the new privacy policy of the Cupertino giant, which cut Mark off along with iOS 14 Zuckerberg on part of the income. It cannot be denied that companies do not like each other and have been pushing around on various issues for years, and the latest word war is about privacy.

And although this topic is extremely important for internet users, in the mouths of international corporations, which in a way make a living from collecting and using data about our activity, it sounds a bit funny, especially when it comes to Facebook, famous for its scandals in this regard. Nevertheless, the company's CEO probably does secret sites club see it (or does not do anything about it, because there is a lot of money at stake) and last week called Apple one of its biggest rivals and suggested that the said privacy policy will hit the development of millions of businesses around the world.

Was he trying to move the rival's conscience in this way? None of this and only Apple CEO Tim Cook, who responded to the statement, said that “if a business is built on cheating customers, using data and making choices that aren't elections, then it deserves no credit. It deserves reform. " 1: 0 for Apple? Definitely yes, especially since a new report published by The Wall Street Journal shows that literally every 5th iOS 14 user will agree to track activity, which will have a strong impact on FB advertising revenues. And although some of them have previously used the social networking site, often unknowingly agreeing to it, Apple's new transparency policy does its job and if they actually get a choice, they should not count on the fact that they will side with Mark Zuckerberg and his better ads in award, and Facebook will have to respect their decision.